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Sydney CBD, NSW


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This start-up in the heart of Sydney was looking to revitalise their office-space. The office needed to be able to accommodate an ever-expanding team, create a friendly breakaway area for private meetings as well as open meeting area for team brainstorming sessions. Beanbags in one corner of the office allowed for staff members to step away from their desks and take a break, or take their laptops over for a more relaxed and quiet working zone. A  heavy curtain could be drawn across to create a private meeting area with an acoustic treatment on one wall to assist with privacy. Bespoke graphics line one of the walls, with a feminine feel to reflect the travel insurance company's core demographic, women. Comfortable workstations with built-in storage keeps the space organised. A beautiful black steel framed shelf offer display and brings a little nature indoors in the centre of the city, with several plants arranged throughout. 

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