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Cubitt's Fyshwick


Cubitt's Granny Flats and Extensions




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This distinctive interiors project posed the exciting challenge of conceptualizing and executing a multifunctional space, blending an office area and showroom seamlessly integrated with two full-size granny flats. Despite a modest budget, the project required thoughtful interior decoration for both granny flats. The office space at the rear featured deep green soundproof panels, fostering an environment conducive to privacy, crucial for focused work. The layout included a dedicated waiting area for client meetings, complete with a reception space featuring a bespoke desk that added a touch of sophistication to the entrance. Furthermore, a material selection zone was strategically designed with custom joinery to house a comprehensive array of material samples, streamlining decision-making processes for both clients and designers alike. This project not only demonstrated creative problem-solving within budget constraints but also showcased a versatile and functional space tailored to meet the diverse needs of the client.

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