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2018 - present

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Embarking on a revitalising journey, the Mark Jones Leather branding project was a meticulous endeavour for a venerable 40-year-old business specialising in bespoke handmade leather designs. Tasked with a comprehensive overhaul, our team undertook the creation of a captivating website, a tailored social media package, and the development of striking product photography, all while crafting additional branding elements such as business cards and product labels. The challenge lay in encapsulating four decades of artisanal excellence into a modern, cohesive identity. A rich and vibrant colour palette was meticulously chosen to mirror the quality and beauty of the leathers employed, while the bespoke hand-drawn signature style logo served as a visual embodiment of the incredible craftsmanship. The product labels were designed to captivate attention, ensuring a lasting impression. As an ongoing client, we extend our commitment to the continued management of the website and social media platforms, leveraging these channels to effectively market Mark Jones Leather's exquisite handmade creations.

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