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Rural Oasis

Situated in a rural town in NSW, this architectural endeavor marries contemporary design with the tranquility of its surroundings, resulting in a comfortable and spacious four-bedroom plus study home. A central deck forms a dynamic circulation path, connecting the master bedroom to the open-plan living space, fostering a sense of continuity throughout the residence. The timber feature portal enveloping the rear deck not only adds architectural interest but also harmonizes with the natural landscape. The open-plan living, kitchen, and dining areas are thoughtfully orchestrated, promoting seamless movement within the home. The large kitchen boasts expansive porcelain tile benchtops and an adjacent spacious butler's pantry, catering to both aesthetic elegance and practical functionality. Complementing the design is a two-car garage, ensuring convenience without compromising on style. Timber portal windows strategically frame views of the rural landscape, creating picturesque vignettes from within. The exterior cladding, a blend of Colorbond and Sho Sugi Ban charred timber, further accentuates the project's commitment to a contemporary aesthetic rooted in the vernacular of the surrounding environment.

Regrettably, despite its promising design and thoughtful planning, this architecture project faced an untimely halt due to budget constraints.  The decision to suspend the project serves as a reminder of the challenges often encountered in the architectural process, yet it also sparks hope for future opportunities to revive and complete this endeavor, realizing its full potential and contributing to the architectural tapestry of the rural community in which it was intended.

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Bungendore, NSW



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