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Hey There

I'm Bella Jones:
        Interior Architect

        Brand Design

        Website Design



Hello, I'm Bella Jones, an Interior Architect with a decade of diverse experience in both international and Australian interior and architecture projects. After venturing out to start my own business, my journey took an unexpected turn towards graphic design and branding, stemming from my background as an artist. Over time, my projects shifted from predominantly interior work to a focus on branding and website design, leading me to pivot and explore the synergy between the two. After a brief hiatus working on exhibition design at the MAAS and contributing to various architectural projects in Canberra, I temporarily left the corporate world to start a family. Settling on the Central Coast of NSW, I revived my business, now engaging in residential interiors, branding, website design, and social media management. In addition to my design pursuits, I also share my art and a recipe book developed during the journey of introducing solids to a baby. My passion for diverse forms of creativity remains a driving force, ensuring a multifaceted and enriching approach to my work.

Navigating the creative realm, I find myself embracing unconventional hours, intricately weaving work into the tapestry of my life as a proud mom to two beautiful girls. The flexibility allows me to seamlessly balance the demands of motherhood with the intricacies of design, ensuring that each project is approached with both professional dedication and the warmth of a nurturing home. These odd hours have become a unique rhythm, harmonising the responsibilities of creativity and family, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of my journey as a designer and mother.

The Mission

At Saltbush, our mission is to weave a tapestry of design excellence that transcends traditional boundaries. We are not just interior designers; we are architects of immersive experiences, seamlessly merging the realms of interiors and branding to create a multifaceted design journey.

Our passion lies in crafting spaces that tell compelling stories and resonate with authenticity. Whether it's transforming the layout of a room or curating a brand identity, Saltbush is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design to evoke emotions and inspire connections.

In the dynamic intersection of interiors and branding, we navigate with an adventurous spirit, embracing the challenge of translating brand narratives into tangible, aesthetic environments. Each project is an opportunity to blend the tactile and the visual, ensuring that the essence of a brand is not just seen but felt.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our creativity. As we sculpt interiors and mould brands, we do so with a deep commitment to eco-friendly practices. Saltbush designs are not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious, leaving a positive impact on both spaces and the planet.

Join us on this design odyssey, where interiors and branding converge to create a harmonious symphony of form, function, and storytelling.


At Saltbush, we embark on a mission to redefine the possibilities of design, leaving an indelible mark on the landscapes we shape and the brands we breathe life into.

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