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Cath Minter

The website design project for Newcastle-based Herbalist Cath Minter was a collaborative endeavour aimed at seamlessly blending style with functionality. With a focus on creating a sophisticated online presence, the project not only delivered a visually appealing website but also incorporated a robust booking system to enhance user experience. Given the client's initial provision of a logo and color palette, our challenge was to interpret and elevate these elements to authentically reflect Cath Minter's evolving identity. Strategic modifications to the logo were implemented to better capture and communicate her current essence. Additionally, our involvement extended beyond the digital realm, encompassing the design of product labels to maintain a cohesive brand image. The ongoing client relationship underscores our commitment to providing continuous support and refinement, ensuring that the website remains a dynamic and effective representation of Cath Minter's herbalist practice.

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Cath Minter


2021 - present

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