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HIA Expo Stand

The Cubitts HIA expo display in 2019 was a masterful exhibition project that ingeniously encapsulated the essence of the company's work. Faced with the challenge of representing the diverse array of projects undertaken by Cubitts, a simple yet impactful design approach was adopted—the frame of a house. This minimalist concept not only conveyed the core business but also served as a spatial canvas for the hanging display of various projects within the cavities of the frame. Strategic placement of large branding zones not only reinforced the company's identity but also created distinct zones within the exhibition space, beckoning attendees to explore further. In addition to the visually engaging components, the thoughtful inclusion of seating fostered a relaxed environment for staff to engage with potential clients, facilitating meaningful conversations amidst the dynamic and immersive exhibition setting. The Cubitts HIA expo display of 2019 stands as a testament to the successful integration of design, representation, and engagement within the realm of exhibition showcase.

ICCHI HIA Concept_edited.jpg


Sydney Convention Centre, NSW



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