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Sydney CBD, NSW


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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sydney, this interior design project breathed new life into the office space of an ambitious startup. Tasked with accommodating a growing team and fostering a dynamic work environment, the design seamlessly blended functionality and aesthetics. A carefully curated breakaway area, featuring beanbags for relaxed meetings and focused work, provided a welcome retreat from traditional desk spaces. The versatility of the office was enhanced with a heavy curtain that could be drawn across for private meetings, complemented by acoustic treatments ensuring confidentiality. Bespoke graphics adorned one wall, exuding a feminine touch tailored to the travel insurance company's core demographic—women. Thoughtfully designed workstations with built-in storage maintained organizational efficiency, while a striking black steel-framed shelf served as both a display feature and a conduit for bringing nature indoors. This interior transformation not only addressed the practical needs of the startup but also conveyed a sense of style and identity reflective of the company's culture and clientele, creating a vibrant and inviting workspace in the heart of the city.

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