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The French Navy Kitchen


Jones & Keys




Tascott, NSW


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Perched high on a hill, surrounded by the serene bush, and overlooking the scenic Brisbane Water, this interior design project seamlessly transformed a residence into a haven of modern comfort and aesthetic sophistication. The client's vision encompassed the addition of an ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom and the complete demolition of an outdated galley kitchen, replaced with an inviting open-plan kitchen/dining experience. The use of porcelain tile for both the benchtop and splashback imparted a sense of luxuriousness without exceeding budget constraints. Noteworthy features include a pantry with sliding drawers for convenient access, a discreet tambour door concealing small appliances, and pigeon holes with backlighting for the display of cherished objects. Overhead cupboards, absent in the old kitchen, now boast LED lighting strips, providing ambient illumination for kitchen tasks. The strategic positioning of the kitchen, centered around the oven due to gas point limitations, led to the innovative recessing of the rangehood into the ceiling, eliminating visual clutter. Can lights, in lieu of pendants, maintain an uninterrupted visual flow from the kitchen to the living space. A final touch of elegance is the protruding slab of timber beneath the kitchen bench, serving as a functional and visually pleasing workspace. This interior design endeavor harmoniously blends functionality, aesthetics, and the breathtaking natural surroundings, resulting in a home that transcends mere living spaces to become an artful sanctuary.

Joiner:  Jasper Design Group

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