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Wild Sage Apothecary


Jessika Schaad


2020 - present


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Our collaboration with herbalist Jessika Schaad materialised into a comprehensive branding project. The focal point of this endeavor was the development of a functional and visually appealing website, complete with an online shop, alongside the creation of printed branding materials for Jessika's unique First Aid Kit. Diverging from the existing Wild Sage Apothecary logo, a distinctive brand was meticulously crafted for the First Aid Kit, drawing inspiration from linocuts and Jessika's own artistic expressions. The resultant flora motif, a testament to her dual identity as an herbalist and artist, became the visual cornerstone of the brand. Harnessing the charm of Jessika's original logo, our approach extended to the digital realm, where we aimed to fashion a soft and feminine website. This online platform not only showcased the First Aid Kit but also celebrated health and wellbeing, artfully detailing Jessika's specialty modalities. The result is a harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetics, presenting Jessika's herbal expertise in a visually compelling and accessible manner.

Photographs by Lee Illfield from livecreativelee

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